Accurate Time Based Tarot Reading Cape Town

When It Comes To Tarot Reading You Must Have Faith!

The essential idea in support of Tarot is not rocket science – a deck of Tarot cards is prepared of 78 cards, each of which carries a specific meaning regarding a precise concept of life, or experience. In any

Tarot reading, the tarot cards are shuffled, after which laid out in a ‘spread’ – that is a pattern on a table, where each position represents a particular aspect of life, for example ‘the recent past’, or ‘current emotions’.

The reader then assesses how the meaning of a card indicates the position it’s in, and tells the client what the spread could possibly be saying regarding their current condition of life.

This is the simple thing to describe, but it does suggest one very major question – how might it work? How can the cards arrange themselves into a ‘meaningful pattern’?

How come some pieces of cardboard with some pretty pictures on them be able to mysteriously rearrange themselves into an order which informs us about our life and experiences in a detail that usually exceeds what we are consciously able to observe?

The Business Couch | Executive Coaching

executive coachingExecutive Coaching Is Not A Luxury!

Most Olympic athletes and top executive have a number of coaches to ensure optimal performance in all areas of their careers. It is naive to think that coaching is a waste of time because those in the know have the results to justify the time and expense.

The Business Coach in Cape Town, the brain child of Robyn Jackson a celebrated and award winning female entrepreneur offers just the type of executive coaching that will get you to the next critical level in your career and business.

Konstruct Exhibitions | Exhibition Stand Manufacturer

Design, manufacture & installation of custom & system exhibition stands

Here Vincent from Konstruct Exhibitions talks about the importance of professionally designed exhibition stands to portray a professional image at trade shows.

Konstruct provides a full turnkey solution to exhibitions, from innovative design, quality manufacture and professional site installation and dismantling of your exhibition stands.

Blinds Exact | Blinds Cape Town

Looking for the best blinds in Cape Town?

Blinds Exact prides themselves on their excellent customer service as well as always their extensive range of quality wooden, aluminium, synthetic Venetian, bamboo roll up, material roller, roman, panel and vertical blinds at very competitive and affordable prices.

Have a look at this short video on how to clean blinds:

For a professional quote on blinds in Cape Town, contact them today!